TAdvStringGrid with goEditing true

I am having problems with TAdvStringGrid when goEditing is set. The program appears to enter an infinite loop and hence hangs the entire program. This did not occur in earlier versions and occurs wherever the grid is used. Help on this problem is urgent.  

More details will be needed. A default grid on the form with goEditing = true is not having such problem.

I have done more work on this problem. First I eliminated all code from he form but the problem persisted. Second I created a new version of the form with the code but the problem persisted. Third I downloaded the latest version of the component pack and installed it but the problem persisted. Finally I dug out an old version of component pack (25/5/16), installed it and it worked. This says to me that, somewhere between 25/5/16 and now, a change was made to TAdvStringGrid to create the problem. Further it seems to me that I cannot risk using any latter version of TAdvStringGrid. This is not good.

I should have mentioned that a toy problem, ie just the grid with goEditing set to true, did not have a problem. Also every form with TAdvStringGrid in our program exhibited the problem. The program itself is quite large, around 40 MB exe.

If you can specify any further information that would help you, please specify and I will see what I can do.

Can this be reproduced when you copy this grid with all its settings to a new project? If so, please send this new project.