Sphinx Web Identity Interface (like the embedded one)

It will really interesting to get an example of Web Core application working like the one which is embedded in resources of sphinx project.
It will enable to adapt, enrich and control all steps an behaviour for UX.


The embedded app is just the login app, it's not the "user app". So I don' think it would make sense that Sphinx users (developers) would rewrite or change it. It should be, by now, a black box.

The interface between such app and Sphinx server is also specific for that login app, and is subject to change.

Maybe it would be interesting if you could detail better what exactly you want to modify on it, then we can of course improve the login app over time to include those requests.

Hi Wagner
My bad for wrong words about web app.
Indeed subject is the login app that is embedded inside Sphinx
Potential goals

  • collecting missing data
    ** mobile phone
    ** user name
  • adding in specific entities other data
    ** source app for account creation
    ** source app for last login
    ** Last IP Login fail
    ** Last IP Login OK
  • UI customisation (CSS)
  • UI enrichment (adding explanation about steps)
  • UI integration in more customized page structure
  • processing identity controle by SMS

It's just a quick list
But the most interesting is also, to understand how this part of process is working : web login <> Sphinx API

But many thanks for your work it's already impressive


This is in our roadmap and we are going to implement it soon.

Some of these requests you can also add a feature request for that.
Note that many (if not all) of the above you can implement by extending the existing Sphinx user class with your own class and additional properties: Addtional Attributes for User Class - #4 by wlandgraf.

CSS is fully customizable so maybe all of the above can be implemented as well. You can completely override the CSS of the full page using the TSphinxConfig.UIOptions.LoginAppFolder property.

Set it to a local folder in your disk, for example:

  SphinxConfig1.UIOptions.LoginAppFolder := 'D:\SphinxLoginApp';

And then add an empty custom.css file there. Inside that file, you can add any CSS syntax and it will be used in the login app.

This is also something we have to implement at our side.

Thank you!

Hi Wagner

Do you get an exemple about CSS and HTML that can be customized
Exempt from resource, there isn't any file available to start from.


Actually you can simply use your web browser to inspect the HTML elements and class names, CSS styles, etc.. it's the best place to tweak it, check ids and CSS classes and then add to custom.css.

This is an example of one custom.css we have here in production:

#divLogo img[alt="Nuvem Fiscal"] {
    height: 60px;