Passing Email from WebClient to Sphinx Login App

Is there a way to transfer user email to Sphinx in order to display it in Sphinx Login App ?
Currently Web app gets a user profile based upon email
We check there is an existing user profile before requesting login process to Sphinx
But in this case, user has to enter his email twice (one in web app, one in Sphinx Login App).

I would like to force email with the one previously checked inside our web app.


Aren't you swapping the concept here? In theory it should Sphinx login app that should provide you with the information about the logged user.

If you already know the user that is going to login in advance, then why do you need Sphinx? Or, how to you know the user in advance if it's not logged in yet? What happens if the user simply uses a different e-mail in the Sphinx login app?

Hi Wagner
I agree, the standard way to work is to get details from identity before creating a web app profile
But in our specific scenario for a B2B solution we have to register organization and allowed users before inviting them to connect to
So currently Web App request their email to check if an allowed profile exists and then start the identification process to Sphinx, where again user has to enter identity email (with the risk he uses a different one)
So a way to pass email through webapp > sphinx process will help UX and secure process.
it can be similar to pass email parameter into URL of Sphinx web login app which freeze email value, but in a way from initial web app.


Ok, fair enough. Actually, it's available in OpenID Connection specification as login_hint. I have created a feature request for that. Vote! ;-)