WebClientFiles project

will it be possible to include in next release, sources of webcore project for WebClientFiles, please ?
This will enable to understand how it works and customization.

Many thanks

The source code is available in folder <sphinx install dir>\demos\Simple\WebClient.

Hi Wagner
My request isn't about the Web client, but the project WebClientFiles used by the Sphinx server as authentication pages if I'm right, presenting login, registration, code verification...

You refer to the login application. We are still refraining from releasing it because it depends on other frameworks and 3rd parties, and it's subject to change, so we don't want to commit to backward compatibility to it yet.

I understand Wagner if there is 3rd parties components, but it's a limitation about understanding how to adapt login process over Sphinx, or to customize it.
May be you can consider to provide a simpler version based only on TMS Web Core (I don't detect where tiers components are used)

As I said, not only 3rd party components, but the flexibility of breaking it, at least in this initial Sphinx versions.
What exactly you want to do? Can I help you somehow?