Some questions

so I started to implement TMS Logging yesterday, because I was tired of checking remotely all our server logs... I must say you have done very good job as usually as I have already working system now... Thanks!

There is just 1 thing I don't know how to do. Our server app is REMObject server with many plugins. When I log, I would like to know from which plugin the message is coming and perhaps filter by plugin. I can inject that as text into message, but isn't there a simpler way?
Similarly, each server function is run by different users and that is also interesting information I would like to transfer and be able to filter.
Is there a way to attach this custom information to the log message?

There is not directly a built-in capability to add a plugin identification, so encoding in the log string would be a workaround or option.
With respect to different server functions for different users, I'm not sure if this is handled by different processes in the REMobject server, but if it is , the process ID could be used for it.

I was going to do it this way, just wanted to make sure I did not missed something before I start...

Thank you!