Feature request 2617

Hello Support,

Is it possible to add features to TMS Logging described in 2617?
I already have 10 voters.

It's on our radar, but still not planned in short time. Note that this is something you can implement yourself creating a new Output Handler, so it can be worked around for now, although not trivial.

Yes you're right it is not trivial to create own output handler when you use TMS Logging e.g. to XData Rest Services (thread safe) btw I think that many users wait for FR2617, it is basic logging functionality which should be implement in TMS Logging ... btw I will waiting for soluton hope soon :slight_smile:

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My solution to this was to create my own TMSLogger output handler -- as Wagner said -- but based on some other logging facilities that already exists.

There's a very nice open source project named QuickLogger by Exilion that has file rotation features (by size and/or by date) and works for me.

I just created a wrapper to it so it can be nicely integrated with TMSLogging / Sparkle Logging Midware (althougt you could just plain use it as-is).

I have attached the TMSLogger output handler, as an example, if you're interested.

TMSLoggingQuickFileOutputHandler.pas (11.0 KB)



Hi @Farias_Anderson

Thank you very much for the solution, I will try adopt your code to my needs.
Thank you very much for your help once again. :pray: :+1: