Smart setup beta: Error installing BIZ

Uninstalled everything (including BIZ Core) from BIZ.
Then ran smart setup.

[ERROR] [2023-10-25 17:45:23.524] Error: There is another version of "TMS BIZ Core Library" installed in this machine. Please uninstall that version first and then re-run tms build.

smart setup relies in the registry keys inside
to know if a product is installed or not.
If you have already uninstalled, you can use regedit, go to that folder and remove the entries for the products that you uninstalled.

We will look if there is a way to do this automatically without having to edit the registry.

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It has been fixed now. There was a misconfiguration in TMS BIZ products.

Please try to reinstall (or just call tms update if you have already installed) and it should be fixed.

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