Slow DBPlanner on client/server database


A few days ago I had a problem with DBPlannerMonthView and DBPlanner performance and speed in a local database. It was solved using a different table/query component for each DaySource/Planner.

However, when opening the application in a client/server environment, it takes about 2 minutes to show up.

It is the same table, but now in c/s mode through internet connection.
The takes just 1 second (even less) to execute and show the data in a DBgrid.
The problem is only when showing the data in a DBPlannerMonthView or DBPlanner.

I have tried to disable DBDaySoure and enable it after opening the table and vice versa.
It is a really simple project to test, using DBISAM database, with no events or added code at all. It takes a lot to open the application and show the events in the calendar.

Is there anything I could try?

You can have an impression of the built-in performance of TDBPlanner/TDBPlannerMonthView with the sample apps 30 & 31 that load over 1000 items instant in the Planner.

Please compare your app setup with these performance testing apps.

Hi, Bruno.

Yes, that's what I did a week ago when I had problems trying to show events from a 'local' database, and it was fixed.

But this time the problem is different. If the database is stored in a remote machine/server, using client/server, it takes up to 2 minutes to show the events.

The problem is not with opening the tables (remote table opens in just 1 second, and data is showed in a dbgrid). The problem is when trying to show that data in the DBPlanner.

I can create a sample project, with DBISAM data, which connects to our testings remote server so you can test it.

Hi again.

Tried with a MySQL table. The application takes just 1 or 2 seconds to show the events in the Planner, so it must be a DBISAM related problem.

As MySQL doesn't have Memo fields, I think the problem is related to indexes and table field types. I will make some tests and let you know what I found.