Simple Example for how to use Tile Layers with external TMS Server

I have an even more basic question than asked in TileServer example

I'd like to offer - if possible - the user the opportunity to overlay an open street map with layers from different location available in TMS format. Ideally also WMS. But I just learned from another support request that this is currently not supported.
My question: I have a TTMSFNCMaps object and would like to add layers to it as indicated here
TTMSFNCMaps - TMS FNC Maps and in the above mentioned support request, but I struggle to locate the Options.TileServer property/field which is mentioned. In my TTMSFNCMaps object there is an Options object, but it doesn't have a 'TileServer' field. Can you help me out, ideally with a bit of example code?
Thanks a lot!


The TileServer property is only available in the TTMSFNCOpenLayers component.


TMSFNCOpenLayers1.Options.TileServer := '{z}/{y}/{x}';

Please note that using a tileserver will replace the entire map.

To add layers on top of the existing map you can use TileLayers.



Ah, thanks! I didn't get that TMSFNCOpenLayers is a map component itself. Thanks! Your code works with an example tile server.

Happy to help!

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