sheet does not exist: ""

When I try to load a specific .xlsm file, i get the error message sheet does not exist; "" on the open command (Xls.Open(odlg.FileName)).  When I open the file in Excel and then save it as an .xls file, it opens fine.  Saving it as an .xlsx also does not work.

The file is linked to a file that I do not have access to.  The link remains in tact when I save the file to .xls format.

My test file has about 37K rows.  The real ones will have about 750K so i do need to be able to access the larger file format.

Delphi XE2 with Update 4 Hotfix 1.  The latest version of FlexCel downloaded yesterday (11/27/2013)


Can you send me the file you are having issues with to ?

Thanks for the files. We've checked them and indeed there was an error because a dot (".") appearing in a macro name in a place where it wasn't recognized. It should be fixed now and next release should work fine. I've tested the 3 files you sent, the 3 open ok now.

Your solution works for me as well.  Thanks for the quick response.