Several issues with AdvMetroForm

  1. DoubleClick on the Header do not work, normally the double click on the header of the form (running application) switch the Form between alClient and alNone. a click on the Button to maximize the Applications works normally.

    2) if you minimize the Application, a small peace of Titelbar appears in the left botton corner of Windows. You can restore the Application with a double click on. But with normal Windows Programm you have only the Icon in the taskbar, not an additional Icon on the screen.

    I hope its not a mistake from me :-)

We could reproduce 1) but it appears to be a non-trivial issue. We're investigating this.

We could not reproduce 2) though. This was retested with an application where the main form class was changed to TAdvMetroForm. What are you doing different from this?

  1. i think many user use this as usual
    2) this is a good question, this is not a new projekt, but i have the same effekt with your Sample AdvMetroControls testet with Delphi 7 and Delphi 2010.