Metro scollbars problems & questions

I use Metro scollbars with DBAdvGrid (1000 rows)  I choose 'ssMetro' in ScrollType property, but :
1/ Scrollbars look
=When the grid is populated then bars are visible in white over then grid (OK) but the 'indexes' are not visible (not OK for me)
=When I scroll the indexe become visible (OK) but the bars become transparent sometimes over the grid (not very clean for me).
2/ When I scroll (vertically) the new rows look empty unless I clik in the grid (but all is OK with 'normal' scrollbars)

Minor pb : in slow PC some flicker when mouse over the close (and other) icon on a TAdvMetroForm.

Question : what are the component/button used in TMSMetro components (like Yes/no in TAdvMetroTaskDialog) ?