Setting TTIWAdvImageButton.Picture

I get a compile error when I attempt to set TTIWAdvImageButton.Picture saying that it's looking for TIPicture instead of TPicture.  I have not been able to find where TIPicture is declared so I am having trouble creating a TIPicture on the fly.
              jpgPDF := TPicture.Create;

              Cell[iRow,9].Control := TTIWAdvImageButton.Create(Self);
              TTIWAdvImageButton(Cell[iRow,9].Control).Picture := jpgPDF;
              // These Javascript commands are required so that the screen does not get locked after clicking
              TTIWAdvImageButton(Cell[iRow,9].Control).ScriptEvents.Add('return true;');

At design time, the TIWAdvImageButton.Picture property indicates that it's of type TPicture, not TIPicture.
Where can I reference TIPicture instead of TPicture?

Scott Gast
S2 Software
Texas, USA
Delphi 2010 / Intraweb 10 / TMS Studio Script Edition

NM! I found IWTMSImg.TIPicture ! :)