Setting Angle -15 on XAxis produces lots of wasted space


When setting an angle of anything other than 0 for the XAxis the size allocated to the axis jumps to allow for a 90 degree angle, which when set to say -15 degrees squashes the chart and creates a large amount of wasted space.

Can this be coded around / are we missing something?
Picture showing the effect:

Thanks in advance


When the chart detects rotated text, it reserves space for up to 90 degrees. To disable this, use TMSFNCChart1.XAxis.AutoSize := False; & set TMSFNCChart1.XAxis.Height := 55 (or less/more depending on the content)


Thanks for this, though it does feel a little like guess work. Could it be considered as a future fix?

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We'll investigate

I almost created a new topic and now found this for the exact same issue I have.

If Autosize is enabled, it should reserve space for the selected angle, and not 90.
The more complicated is done. It calculates for 90 degrees.
With one or two lines of code it's possible to tell the height for any other angle - I don't see trigonometry since more than 30 years, otherwise I could post it :smiley: .

Thanks for the feedback. It's on our feature request list to add something like automatic labeling & calculation

I moved to VCL Chart...
And the same happens.