Sentry demo fails with ReferenceError: Sentry is not defined

I'm trying to use the Sentry demo that comes with Web Core. I have setup an account at and copied the DSN as told by the Web Core manual like this into WebFormCreate:

WebSentry1.DSN := 'https://82fa0fb0f<...>';

When running the project, the browser shows this JS error:

ReferenceError: Sentry is not defined | this.Init@http://localhost:8000/TMSWeb_Sentry
/TMSWeb_Sentry.js:36522:7 this.WebFormCreate@http://localhost:8000/TMSWeb_Sentry
/TMSWeb_Sentry.js:40325:23 cb@http://localhost:8000/TMSWeb_Sentry/TMSWeb_Sentry.js:226:19
at http://localhost:8000/TMSWeb_Sentry/TMSWeb_Sentry.js [36522:7]

And the debugger stopps here:

procedure TSentry.Init;
TJSSentry.Init(parameters); // <--- Debugger stops here
fInitDone := True;

Using the DSN that comes with the demo also fails.

Is there something wrong with the component?

I cannot use your DSN URL, it results in a 404. Are you sure you use a fully correct DSN?

Of course I shortened (<...>) my DSN for obvious reasons. If it helps, I can PM it to you. But also using the DSN that comes with the demo runs into the "Sentry not defined" error. I'm not a JavaScript expert, but doesn't the error message point into a direction of a bug in the code of the component resp. the JS code created from it?
Can you assure the demo runs on your system?

I retested our demo here and I could not see any issue.

If you see an error that Sentry is not defined, the most likely reason is that the Sentry JS lib reference was not added to your project.


should be in your main project HTML file.