Sending e-mail

May be I did not understand the concept. Where is the process if sending the mails itself if a new user has been registered? Is it done by sphinx?

Sphinx doesn't get involved in the process of sending e-mail. That is up to you.

Sphinx will fire an event when it's the opportunity to send the e-mail, passing you with the information you might need to send it (including the confirmation token, the target e-mail address, etc.).

Then you can use it t send the e-mail yourself.

ok.May the demo could contain at least some pseudo code. For me OnGeneratePasswordResetToken and OnGenerateEmailConformationToken is not the right handler. But maybe this is exactly the point of sending the mail?

Yes, that's the right handler.
Inside OnGenerateEmailConfirmationToken, you just call some SendEmail method passing the e-mail address, the token, then it's up to you to send the e-mail. It's really decoupled.

Thank you!!!

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