Registration and New Users

I need to collect quite a lot of info for a registration, so I have a webcore registration app and this calls a Service interface on my Sphinx application.

The registration method records the organisation data and then creates a TUser descendant. It then calls

SphinxContext.UserManager.CreateUser(lUser, Value.Password);

Would this send the email verification?

Obviously I need to provide a way for the new user to enter the validation code and send this back to the Sphinx Server.

Is this the best way to do this? Or is there a better alternative?


No. Since you are doing it all yourself, you can simply generate the e-mail confirmation token yourself, using:

Token := SphinxContext.UserManager.GenerateEmailConfirmationToken(lUser);

And then send the token yourself via e-mail (you are already doing that anyway).

Alternatively, for a more "modular" approach, I would keep using the regular Sphinx registration page, to reuse all the existing flow.

Then you can simply have a second page for the user to fill the remaining data - a page named, for example "complete registration". Just keep a flag in your TUser to check if the registration is complete (RegistrationComplete: Boolean) and don't let the user to move on (use the system) until the registration is complete.

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Thanks @wlandgraf. I'll see how to implement the second one as I have a sphinx server application and a client application which is multitenant so the registration into the sphinx app sets up the client database etc. The actual Sphinx Login is on the client webcore app and I have another webcore app for registration. I might need to reconsider my architecture.

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