Start Navigation?

When I have calculated a route, how can I transfer it to Googlemaps to start navigation on android and also IOS?
Thanks in advance.

The Google Maps application (installed on your phone) does not support importing GPX files (which can be exported from TMS FNC Maps). You can use another application for navigation if you export the file as GPX file. It's currently also unclear how to start an application for turn by turn navigation based on an application created with TMS FNC Maps. Also, embedded turn by turn navigation is not implemented in TMS FNC Maps, because of the Google Maps Platform Terms of Service, which strictly prohibits creating commercial applications/components that mimic or simulate the native Google Maps application designed for navigation. More info can be found here:

Turn by turn navigation is indeed a very nice feature, and we'll continue investigation to whether other services (other than Google Maps) allow creating commercial applications that simulate this feature.

For hobbyism / internal / personal usage, the rules are different, you cannot violate the terms if the application is not used as a commercial application. TMS FNC Maps is currently not configured to allow turn by turn navigation so we will investigate the possibilities, and see if there are properties that can be added to provide the means to create turn by turn navigation albeit strictly for personal usage.