Search footer in TDBAdvGrid

In a TDBAdvGrid with PageMode=true and DataSetType=dtNonsequenced the search footer isn't working properly. I observe different behaviors when I begin to type:

  • Sometimes it doesn't find anything from second character (though there are values). Curiously, pressing highlight button highlights all matching values, but "find next" and "find previous" buttons don't work.
  • Other times it finds values that don't match with typed one.
In another TDBAdvGrid with PageMode=false it doesn't happen this, it works properly.

Is there a way to avoid this?


To what dataset do you connect this? Is this really a non-sequential dataset?

It was retested here with DataSetType = dtSequenced for a sequential dataset and this had no issues as well as for a DataSetType = dtNonSequenced for a non-sequential dataset.

I use Firebird with TClientDataSet.
You are right, I have changed DataSetType to dtSequenced and search works fine.
I'm afraid I had misunderstood what you say in TDBAdvGrid user manual.
Thank you very much