Search Performence


I'm using the tAdvStringGrid with the SearchFooter for searching and highlighting. The function is working, but I have problems with the performence.

If I fille the table with content (10000+ lines), the searching for the first letter needs several seconds. The second letter is a little bit faster, the thirs letter is ok.Is it possible to fasten the search operation.

In another part of my application I'm using your tAdvSearchList. This is much faster than tAdvStringGrid.

Is there a way to speed up the search operations?


I've a little addition. The search performance is good, if I deactivate the "autosearch" option (insert letter, press Return).

The same procedure is very slow, if the "autosearch"  is activated.

Internally TAdvStringGrid & TAdvSearchList are totally different. TAdvSearchList was designed from the ground up with one focus, i.e. fast search lookup. A grid is designed for hundreds of things more and thus is internally structured different. If you use search in combination with highlighting, the highlighting causes the cell to update. The more cells need to be updated (because of highlight) the slower it can become.