ScripterProIDE Demo - Properties changing when loading a saved project

I am using the Scripter Pro IDE demo with Delphi 10.4
I am able to add a simple TEdit and TButton to the form.
Everything seems to be working except I see a bug with the following steps:
I save the project and close all files.
I load the project by using File, Open project then
The HEIGHT and WIDTH properties of all componets keep increasing.
For example, Form.height = 500 when saving the project. The .sfm file has the correct height. BUT When I open the project again the Form.height = 700 (similar thing happesn to Tedit and TButton or probably any other componet on the form)

If this is not a bug, is there a setting I need to set to keep the components from growing including the font size ?

Hello @Tecun_Beto,
Unfortunately I cannot reproduce the problem here. I keep reloading the project and the controls keep the same size.

I just tried with Delphi 10.3 same thing happens too.
I am using the icon on th tool bar.

  1. open project --
  2. click on -- this might be ?
  3. close project.
  4. open project - below form example of form and bottown settins increase

I really can't reproduce it.

From your screenshot, it looks like you are using different font sizes and/or DPIs. That might lead to some confusion in VCL that might be causing this. This is already a mess with a "normal" Delphi form saved at design-time. Here we're talking about a Delphi form "designed" at runtime, and loaded the same way.

Even so, I retested it here with different DPI and different font sizes, and still it works ok. It must be a very specific combination that is causing this. Check your TForm.PixelsPerInch property value. Here in all situations the value is 96, maybe you have a different one there and if you do, try to somehow make sure it's 96.