Scripter IDE Designer renaming Forms

I noticed that every time I edit/run/save a project with the Scripter IDE, it changes the Name property of my Main Form. Originally my form is named fmMain. After 1st storing and reopen its named into fmMain_2. The next time fmMain_3_2. And after 11 stores its named fmMain_3_2_4_2_2_2_5_2_3_3_1.

Also the sfm is affected

object fmMain_3_2_4_2_2_2_5_2_3_3: TScriptForm
  Caption = 'fmMain'
  ClientHeight = 439
  ClientWidth = 651
  Color = clBtnFace

But the Main Unit still correctly works with:

  Classes, Graphics, Controls, Forms, Dialogs, uMain;

  MainForm: TfmMain;
  MainForm := TfmMain.Create(Application);

...because all works no big problem ;) I am Just curious from where this renaming is triggered?

OK, found out what this issue called.

...When the scripter called a Form exactly as one existing in the parented Exe (the Delphi Project you integrate the scripter) this happens.

...seems I posted too early

I renamed my Form in the scripter and the first few stores it looks like it hold the Form Name. But after a while and a few saves in the Scripter IDE the renaming of the Form starting again. :(

Hello Leoni,

do you have a really consistent way of reproducing this problem? We have received reports about this before, but never were able to reproduce it.

Yes I can reproduce. But sadly with no simple Demo I can send.

But I remembered that Delphi do this "_" renaming also by creating Dynamic Forms muliple times. When you make a Applikation in which you create a form dynamic multiple times (like the Delphi MDI Demo does) and then you check the Screen.Forms List and watch the Screen.Forms[x].Name Property of all the forms in your Application, then you'll see that the multiple created Forms are also called MyFormName_1, MyFormName_2 and so on.

... mybe this is a pointer for you?

Well, yes, it's some automatic renaming made by Delphi when instantiating forms I guess. But we were not able to reproduce it. It must be some specific situation and/or sequence of steps that cause this.

Is there any fix for this available because we have this problem since beginning of working with your scripter

As I said, if you have any exact steps to reproduce the problem, we will appreciate it.

There is nothing special we're doing. I open + save the whole project and close it. after reopen it the forms are renamed!

Ok, but I just can't see this behavior using the IDEPro demo, for example. Do you have exact steps to reproduce this in IdePro demo project?