Script with error is aborting the application (64-bit only).

The code below works correctly when the application is compiled in 32 bits:

  On E: SysUtils.Exception do
      wErro:= E.Message;

If the script has an error, in the 64-bit version the application is closed (the line Result := True; is not executed). In the 32-bit version, if script has error, this line is executed.

I'm using:
Delphi 11.3 (Version 28.0.48361.3236)
TMS Scripter
PC: Windows 11 Pro (23H2) - CPU: i7-11700K - RAM: 32 GB.

I believe it depends on the exception being raised. Do you have a project that reproduces the issue?

The error is invalid user when connecting to the database:

Project ... raised exception class EUniError with message 'Unknown user name or password.'.

I will try to create an example application to send you.