TMS Scripter: TPoint issue on 64 bit

Dear support
using the scripter ide, I inserted the following line into a button click:

procedure Button1Click(Sender: TObject);

If I compile it using Windows 32 bit target platform, it works perfectly.
If I compile it using Windows 64 bit, I get an access violation on atScript.pas when evaluating ".. if CurrentObject is TGenericRecordWrapper then ..." (row n. 18489).

What am I doing wrong?

Dear @Dall_Acqua_Lucio, sorry for the delay in response.
Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce the issue (using Delphi 11). Are you using latest TMS Scripter version? Which Delphi version are you using?

I use Delphi 11 update 3 and the latest 7.29 TMS Scripter.
When I compile ScripterProIDE demo by windows 32 bit target platform, it works like a charm.
But when I compile it by windows 64 bit, I've got:


As I mentioned, I cannot reproduce. Can you try to run in debug mode and check what is the call stack at the moment of the error?

I did a clean install of Delphi 11.3 and TMS Scripter 7.29
The result is always the same.
I don't know why you don't get the AV.

Here you find the call stack and the line where it fails


I'm now able to reproduce it. It doesn't happen on Windows ARM, only on Windows Intel.
We fixed it and next release will include the fix.