Saving TableView into a Bitmap


Is there possible to save the entire TableView into a Bitmap so I can send the contents trought: whatsapp, facebook messenger and other social media?


With TMSFMXTableView1.MakeScreenshot you are able to capture the control as a bitmap.

Excellent, thanks so much.

It's functional, however If I have a large TableView it will cut only what I see on the screen.

Is there possible to save the entire Tableview no matters if size is larger than screen?


Unfortunately no, that's not possible right now.

Thanks for your faster response.

You can close this "thread", just please point me in the right direction, in the image below once I compiled my App on iOS and Android I can't see the "gray border" as the next image took from Windows version.

I did not change any style, why the gray border does not show on mobile versions?


Did you set this property or color at runtime or designtime? Can you try setting the color at runtime? There should not be any change between Windows and Android/iOS

No I did not change anything, all I did is to uninstall a suite named "SKIA" for Delphi, after that I see that changes, also on the IDE when I tried to select the "syle" working it's not change the visual anymore


Does a new instance of TTMSFNCTableView show the same behavior?

I don't have that FNC suite, you did not give me access, I want to download an old version of TMS FMX UI Pack but I can't why?

You have troubles with your suite also:

Without more info, details about the access violation are unclear, please provide more details. The latest registered version should be downloadable from your account. Click on "Latest registered product version" to download.