Save UTF-8 without BOM

Is it possible to save the XLSX without the BOM marker in UTF-8 mode? We have a client using java Sax that cannot read the generated file because of the BOM marker.

Yes, it should be possible to do this. Of course we have to test we aren't breaking anything, but since the Excel files themselves don't have BOM, it shouldn't be a breaking change. We'll try to have this for 7.18 which is coming likely for the start of next week.

Thanks Adrian. Much appreciated.

Hi Adrian, how did the testing go for saving XLSX without BOM,
Do you have a target date for release 7.18?

It will still take some days more, not related with this specific issue, but there is another that is proving more difficult than expected and we want to have solved for the next release.

Thanks Adrian, do you have a target date for the release yet? really eager to be able to save XLSX without BOM. Kind Regards

Sadly I can't give you a date, because those are always wrong :frowning:
If everything goes right we should be releasing 7.18 by the end of next week, but that means no-one reports some urgent thing just before we are ready to release. (and that happens much more than it should...)

Hi Adrian, any news on the 7.18 release?
Really need the BOM issue sorted, are you able to apply a hot fix if its being delayed?
Kind Regards

we are working as fast as we can. If we can't make a new release available soon, we'll try to make a patch for you, but I would prefer if we can ship the full thing so we are sure there aren't any other regressions.

Hi Adrian are you able to prep a patch please if you cant get the update away this week?

It will be this week. We are in the process of building the final release right now.

7.19 was just released and it won't write the BOM in the utf-8 files anymore.