Code Signing XLSM

Hello team,

is it possible to use a code signature in flexcel created xlsm files for digitally code signing the macro project?

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Sorry, signing Excel files or the macros is not currently supported.

Hi Adrian,

is it already planned for a future release or should I make a feature request?

It is sadly no in our mid-term plans. FlexCel treats the macros as a blob, and it preserves them, but it doesn't know how to parse them. I think it might be possible to just sign the original macros in the template you are using (as FlexCel itself won't let you write or modify macros). The signature should be preserved when you resave.

I already tried to sign the macros in the template. After generating the flexcel report, the signature is not visible when opening report.
It looks the same as created with a non signed template.

When I look into the created XLSM-File then there are several signature related parts missing.

Should I send you a template and an empty export created so that you can see the differences in the created File?

yes, please send me an example to and we will try to see if it is possible to support it.

example was sent.

thanks, I got it. We'll look at it as soon as we can and let you know

Just to let you know it has been implemented. Next release will preserve digital signatures. (it won't have a method to sign them, but it will preserve them if they already were in the template)

Hi Adrian and Ralf

Sorry to break in on your conversation, but I have this same issue with signing a XLSM file.

Adrian, your last answer is from November '22. It states the next version of Flexcel will preserve the signature. Do you have an idea of the date of this next version? I am desperately waiting for this solution ;-)

We are aiming for this month. There were a lot of unrelated internal changes for this version and we are going through a lot of testing. We are hoping to have this as soon as we can

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