RSA SHA1 encryption / decryption

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We are needing to encrypt and decrypt using a public certificate x-509 certificate. The main problem is that our customer API Endpoint that is used with other applications besides our, is using a certificate generated with SHA1 and TMS Crypto doesnt have this option because is not secure to use this hash (im already acknowledge).

We have already reported that using the hash SHA1 is not secure for generating the certificate, the problem is the customer has many interfaces that uses this API code with SHA1, so they are not willing to generate the certificate in SHA2 or maybe SHA3 because of the previous.

I think that force a implementation of SHA2 or SHA3 is not a good policy for interoperability between legacy system / other language, and limit the TMS crypto component.

Please let us know if we can work in a solution or workarround so that we can use X-509 certificate using RSA X-509 certificates.

We don't support SHA-1 in TMS CP.
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