Problems signing xml

Hi, yesterday I purchased TMS Cryptography Pack and today I'm trying to sign XML document with you example app. If I select key and cert in PEM format, I get error that file is not private key. Well, it is. I use it for other stuff.
If I use pfx certificate I get error Invalid certificate. Certificate is valid.
Another thing, when using pfx, it is necessary to have openssl.exe in exact folder. Yes, I saw on forum that I can change that in sources, but this just not the way to do it.
Please tell me what to I can do. Thank you.
Best regards, Tone

Is your PEM file started with -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- or -----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY----- for private key?
Do you use this method "procedure LoadCertAndKeyFromPKCS12(FilePath: string; Password: string;
PathToOpenSSL: string);" to load a PFX file?

Hi, private key begins with -----BEGIN ENCRYPTED PRIVATE KEY-----, certificate begins with -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----.
Regarding functions, I'm trying you demo project that came with installation. I debugged it and it calls XAdES.LoadCertAndKeyFromPKCS12. So the answer is yes. Perhaps there is problem with opensl version?


Additional info: I converted encrypted private key to rsa private key. Now I'm getting error 'Invalid certificate'
This info is for pem certificates.

Hi, could you send me your PEM certificate at ?

You have it on email.

Ok, after doing some test, your certificate has a format that we do not support. I will fix that to support this format.

Great. When can I expect updates?

I hope next week.

Hi, do you have any news regarding this problem?

The 4.2.6 version of TMS CP fixes this issue.
Best regards,