TMS Cryptogrophy

I am actually trying to evaluate the Cryptography component and I have a question, but cannot get a support question logged from the website and cannot log it under the correct group.

I need to replicate a C# implementation of Rfc2898DeriveBytes. It points to PBKDF2 using HMACSHA1.

I do not see that your PBKDF2 allows for SHA1. Am I using it incorrectly or is there a different way to implement this.

I would prefer using a TMS Component set as I really enjoy working with your components.


I forwarded it to the responsible developer for TMS Crytography Pack as this question rather belongs in the category

Hi Bruno,

Thanks for this. Is the item being transferred to that group or would I be receiving an email directly from the developer.


Answer from my colleague responsible for TMS Cryptography Pack:

There is at this moment no SHA1 support. The reason is that this is not a secure algorithm and our focus in TMS Cryptography Pack is on secure algorithms.
Sadly SHA1 is considered for a long time not secure anymore:

Hi Bruno,

Thanks for the swift reply and the reason why this is not implemented on your side. I would have really liked to use your components, but that is fine.

Unfortunately I need to conform to the standards of an external system and I don’t see them changing this any time soon.