Return value from dbAdvSearchList

I am using a SearchList for lookup. I can populate it from my database, search it to find the item I am interested in, and get the SelectedItemIndex, but how do I return a value for a Locate statement (or otherwise position the cursor)? I have one column whose content is the string I need to look up in the database. The demos do not seem to cover that function.

The component will not by itself perform a locate on the lookup dataset.

If you want to do such locate, we'd suggest to put a DB key value in an invisible column, get the value of that invisible column for the selected item after lookup and perform a locate in the lookup dataset on that value

Bruno, Thanks for your prompt reply. I know the component won't do the lookup. I have a locate statement ready to go but I do not know how to get the return value out of the control. It's just not obvious to me.

To get a value of some column (the hidden column that contains a DB key value for example) for the selected item in the list, you can use:

DBAdvSearchList.SelectedItem.Columns[YOURDBKEYCOLUMN].Caption: string;

Thanks Bruno. Works perfectly.