RemoteDB Multi Davice Application

Good evening to all,

   i have a question about remotedb muti device application.
I'm using the "demo" (not registered) version, so this problem can be due to this fact.
Anyway here my case on client (on the server side is running the server demo) :
In a form (client) i have defined

DS1: TDataSource;
RDB1: TRemoteDBDatabase;
XDS1: TXDataset;
Btn1 : TButton;

in the btn1 onclick event i have

XDS1.SQL.Add('Select * From DOC where DATA between ' + QuotedStr('01/01/2016') + 'and ' + quotedstr('03/01/2016') );

where ServerUrl is a string with the server information as
Server IP  + ':Port' + Path (i.e. DB)

Now if i run in Target Platform as 32 bit Windows all works fine, but if i change the target Platform in ANDROID when try to connect the db i have this error :

Project RemoteDBTest.apk raise exception class EJNIException with message " Protocol not found: DB/config"

So what i have to do in order to run this connection test on Android??? (i mean change the server ip, port or do some configuration (how ??) on server side?).

Thank's for all your appreciate help.



I'd suggest you prefix your server IP with "http://" to indicate you are connecting to the server using http. Also if your url is "Test DB" (with space) I'd also suggest you percent encode it so it becomes "Test%20DB".