Display incaming query and sender (Whois making the request)

Good afternoon to all,
i'm not sure that this is the rigth place for this question.
Server / client application (server is windows, client is android).
On server side i made a server following your demo with "start server" and "stop server" button.
Now i need to show in a memo component the request sended to the server from the android client.
On android client i use TRemoteDBDatabase and TXDataset; When i send the query i set the TRemoteDBDatabase credentials, sql string and set TXDataset.SQl.Add and, at the end, TXDataset.Active:=True.

All works well, now on server side how i can show the request (and if possibile the ip ?)

Even now, i'm not sure to explained the problem in a rigth way!!!!

Thank you for attention


One option is to add the Logging middleware to the TRemoteDBServer component, and then add this code to the main form:

uses {...}, Bcl.TMSLogging. VCL.TMSLoggingMemoOutputHandler, TMSLoggingCore;

    FMemoOutputHandler := TTMSLoggerMemoOutputHandler.Create(Memo1);