Reinstalling help files

After updating each products, we often has to reinstall help files to.
When using manual installing (because I want compiled files other places than such places that make a need to store the path in global path, I have also to do manual install of the help files, which can be quite time consuming when having to upgrade D2006, D2007, D2010 and DXE2 (and in future also XE3)

Would suggest that also a cmd file would be included in the set of files, doing the uninstall of old files and then do it for all new platforms.

We also have an automatic help file installer, it can be checked to install after the component installer itself, did you try this?

Well, use manual installation, opening the dproh files in order  to compile the bpl into common bpl  path and also keep the DCU files in a common dcu path (under same  directory as bpl and dcp files in order to keep path statement free of lots of unecessary path statement that otherwise soon kill Delphi 2006 from loading.