Refreshing Grid after ApplyUpdates

Hope this is the right forum :slight_smile:

i just starts my first steps with WEB Core and Xdata. I have a simple database table with 8 fields. My Xdata server is functionally.

In my WebApp i use a FNCGrid with FNCGridDatabaseAdapter to a WebDataSource connected via XDataDataSet and XDataWebConnection.

My data will be displayed and i can make updates and inserts to the database.

But now my problem: I want to update the FNCGrid after a new entry in the database, because I add more data to the Xdata server before the final insert into the database...

What is the best way to do this?


Hi @Kramp_Andreas1,

The db grids and db controls in Web Core applications are not "directly" connected to the "database" (or server). So the only way to update their data based on data modified server-side is to do a full refresh, most likely closing and reopening the dataset so new updated data is fetched again.