Update WebDBGrid contents

What is the proper way to:

1, update the WEBDBGrid contents without hitting refresh in the browser?
2. Get the correct record count upon refresh?



XDataWebDataset.Active := false;
XDataWebDataset.Active := true;

Tkhanks Brukno,

I had to use 

XDataWebDataset.Active := false;
XDataWebDataset.Active := true;
Left me with a blank DBGrid.

If I only wanted to update a single field in a single column, is that possible?  I think I'm looking for an AJAX approach so I can change a single status from lets say "Ready" to "Done".

I realize this goes against REST so the app does not have to be REST driven.  I'm curious if I would be able to accomplish that using Electron perhaps?  The auto update of elements within the grid are important without the screen flash/refresh.  

For now the app is TMS Web, Server is XData and REST and I have a refresh button at the top of the APP.   


The TWebDBGrid is designed to be updated by the dataset, for the whole dataset buffer.
If you want cell per cell updates, i.e. without full refresh, it would be possible with a TWebStringGrid where you can access cell by cell and you could provide a REST API endpoint to retrieve single cell or single record data and update the grid with the result of such endpoint call.

Thanks, that's exactly what I needed to know.  As always, great support!