How to refresh content of a grid

I'm using Delphi 10.2, IW 15.0.18 and last version of TMS controls.
I have an application with one grid (non DB), with several columns, and only one can be edited. When user changes the value of a cell, I perform some checks and I change the value of another cell in same row. This change cannot be done via Dynamic Edits. I perform checks and changes in a procedure associated to the event "OnAsyncEditDone". But when I finish my procedure, the changes are not reflected in the grid.
I've tried several things:
- Grid.Refresh in same procedure
- Deploy a timer and, on expiration, change the cell and refresh.
- Grid.Repaint, Grid.RepaintControl. (in procedure executed when timer expires)
- Hide and show Grid (Grid.Visible = false + Grid.Visible = true)
None of this works. The only thinks works are:
- change to another page in same application, and change back; or
- Reload page (F5 in browser, or refresh button of browser)

How can I refresh the data shown by the grid?

Best regards,

                    Venancio Lasquibar


Can you please try using the AsyncUpdateAllCells call to asynchronously update the grid's cells?
It works!
Kind regards,