Randomly appearing access violation in DBMonthview


I happened to encounter a quite strange problem with a DBPlannerMonthview I am using:
Sometimes after editing an item with a custom editor, an accessviolation is thrown, completely randomly it seems.
I tested editing the same item over and over again and it occurs maximally 1-2 out of 10 times.
I managed to locate the source of the error in the 'ItemEdited'-Method when it calls 'WriteDBItem'.
To be more precisely the access violation occurs exactly in line 875 when executing
'DTS := Int(Items.DBItem.ItemStartTime) + Frac(Items.DBItem.ItemRealStartTime);'

Debugging shows, that in those cases in which it works fine, Items.DBItem.RealTime seems to be 'True' and therefore the 'Then'-part of the if-clause is executed. Should it however execute the 'else', the access violation will be thrown in 100 % of the cases.

It should be noted, that the editing process itself is always successful. The database and the item itself are up to date, no matter whether the access violation occurs or not.
Therefore the function of the component doesn´t seem to be impaired in any way by it; the only problem is the error message.

As I don´t know the exact correlations of the component and would like to avoid messing around with it, maybe you can give me a hint, what this might be about or point me in the right direction.

We are not aware of such issue.

Do you use the latest version of the component?
Can this problem be seen with any of our demos?