Questions to PChar and PANSIChar type

Hi there, I am doing some works with TMS Web Core components, when I tried to use a 3rd part dynamic link library(IMSDK.DLL) and wrote codes like this:

function TIMGetSDKVersion: PANSIChar; cdecl; external 'IMSDK.dll';

An error message was shown :identifier not found "PANSIChar",same problem when I changed "PANSIChar" to "PChar",but this code works fine in a FMX or VCL project.

based on this problem, I have two questions:

  1. How can I use a DLL in a TMS Web Core project?
  2. How can I use neturally variable type like PChar in a TMS Web Core project?


I'm sorry, but there is no support to use DLL's from a TMS WEB Core web client project. web applications running in the browser cannot use DLLs, this would cause a huge security risk if it would be possible.

Got it, Thank u very much.