iPhoneRegion switched to invisible

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just a quick question today: at design-time I set all regions to "visible:=false" since I saw labels and other components at the start-up of the app. But that actually did make the components invisible when I start the app.

Is there a trick how I can switch the content of an entire region to visible/invisible at run-time?

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Did you test this with a regular IntraWeb region? In other words, is this specific to our component or is this more a general issue in your app or in IntraWeb?

I posted a similar threat in the IW forum at Embacadero but didn't get an answer yet. The strange thing here is that in the after the transition all is fine. But during the transition and on the startup of the app it looks like the following picture which actually shows different "invisible" (more transparent than invisible) regions stacked:

Any ideas what this could be?

I still have this issue with the visibility of the regions – and a major US customer of mine is getting quite annoyed that I’m not able to solve this.

Let me give you short description of what I do:

I have created an App using the IWAppWizard. Right now I have 11 regions on it. For all the property “Visible” is set to false, “RenderInvisibleControls” and “RenderVisibility” (in the “StyleRenderOptions”) are both set to True.

The regions’ background color is set to clNone (so transparent) to see a background image - just for info: I changed it to clWhite but it didn't make any difference.

Whenever I use a PageTransition I can see all(!!!) regions overlapping before it switches to the actual destination region. It is always the same no matter if I use this async (Transition ToNext/TransitionToPrevious) or sync (ActiveRegion:=x).

I applied an “ARegion.Visible:=false” for each region at runtime to ensure that all regions are invisible, switching only the region to visible that I need to show – but no difference at all.

Has anybody had that that before or have an idea on what I could do to achieve this?

Really urgently need some help here!

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I tried to replace the IWiPhoneRegions with IWRegions but that did not work just get errors there.

I have not been able to reproduce this issue.

Have you tried running the TMS IW iPhone Demo? This app is working as expected. Can you have a look what you are doing differently in your own application?

If the problem persists, please provide a ready to use sample project that demonstrates the issue so I can further investigate this.