PWA with TMSFNCSignatureCapture

I have developed a PWA with your fantastic TMS Web Core (you are doing such a good job).
Everything works fine, but if I try to use TMSFNCSignatureCapture to capture a customersign, especially on mobile devices, particularly on IOS, the whole screen moves up and down if I try to sign.
Do you have a tipp how I can prevent the screen from moving on a special window or pop-up-window.

You can see it in my test-environment (Username: gast, Password: gast)
Men?: Auftr?ge or Lieferscheine, select one from the List with a click and push the button Unterschreiben. If the button Unterschreiben is not available, use another line from the list.
Thanks for your response.


We are currently investigating possibilities.

We have investigated this here and found a little code snippet that can help solving the issue.

More information can be found at