disable touch gestures Object

how can I disable the gestures in Object when I have a custom MouseDown - MouseMove - MouseUp functions

I have a popup form, within which I can scroll with MausMove such a self-made list.
(MouesDown start move / MouseMove scroll List / MouseEnd end move)

when I do this on the PC with the mouse, it works fine.
If I do it on a device with touch, the whole form (including popup) always moves.

If I deactivate the functions "Touch" (see below) I don't get a mouseUp / Down etc. anymore.

  el.ontouchstart = function() { return false; };
  el.ontouchmove = function() { return false; };
  el.ontouchend = function() { return false; };
  el.ontouchcancel = function() { return false; };

now how can i disable this form gesture so that i can scroll my listescroll without the form moving?

there is still the problem with the double tap zoom/resize on safari.

how can I disable this for an object?
In safari there is always a delay in operation, because of this double tap zoom.

on Android it works. (there is also no there is still a double tap zoom)

I suggest to do this via CSS for the HTML elements where you want to disable it as explained here on:

I have just now found that too.

But I haven't solved the other problem with the scrolling yet.

Either it turns off the whole scroll function and I can't move anything anymore.
or it scrolls my list and the whole page at the same time.

Solution approach tried with:

body {
height: 100%;
overflow: auto;

the scroll function should work.Only if the mousedown (TouchStart) on a defined object, the pagescroll should not work anymore. only my move / Up / end function should still be called.

here is a small demo.

I would like that in any case when scrolling in the memo only in the memo field is scrolled and not if it is to top and scroll down start the reload, or completely down, the form is scrolled.

If the start of the scroll is in the memo, only the memo should be scrolled. Same function when the Demo is run on a PC and scoll with the MouseScrollwheel.

TMS WebCore Demo Scroll.zip (5.9 KB)

The default browser behavior is that when the mouse is over the focused memo, the memo will scroll. When the mouse is not over the memo, it will scroll the window.

There are several articles discussing this.

Finally, if you do not want to have scrolling as-is, why not set overflow=hidden?

Thank you for your quick support.

But I have another problem I think
Here is a film about it.

TMS.zip (1.3 MB)

The thing that bothers me the most is this reload.

This means for my project that it reloads the page again.So again Form1 display loads, although he is at Form 11.

I will try the codes you suggested, but maybe there is no solution.

with the following HTML code it works
unfortunately not under Safari

<title>TMS Web Project</title>
      html, body {
        overscroll-behavior: none;
  <body scroll="no" style="overflow: hidden"

is there another solution that also works with safari?