Prompt to Save Project through the IDE


When I am working on a script through the IDE, I do not want the user to have to save the project. I want it to be very simple, just the script file and not the project.

But every time I close the IDE Dialog, it prompts me to save the project. How can I ignore or control this prompt so it does not show.

You can set OnSaveDialog event to display your own custom dialog. Then simply don't show anything and set Handled parameter to true, IDE will consider that the file location was defined and will proceed without showing a dialog.

I am currently using the IDEEngine1SaveDialog and IDEEngine1SaveFile so that it saves to my location rather than letting the user choose a location.

I think the problem is the dialog that can tell if the file has been modified or not. so that event displays the "Save changes to project ?". Since I am setting the SaveDialog and SaveFile, even if the user clicks "Yes" it just closes, but I would rather not have this dialog open at all.

Perhaps I am not initializing or setting the project and that is why it is prompting me to save it?


Is it possible somehow to avoid showing dialog "Save changes to ..." if project was modified?

There is indeed to way to do so. We will include a new event for a future version to avoid that dialog.

thank you

That sounds great. Thank you.