Project and file extensions

It could be a great improvement to have the chance to replace the project file extensions. Now is hardcoded in code at

procedure TIDEEngine.PrepareSaveProjectDialog(ADlg: TOpenDialog);
  ADlg.DefaultExt := '.ssproj';

I would like to have my own extension, maybe that could be useful at TIDEEngine:

property FileExtProject: string read GetFileExtProject write FFileExtProject;


strict protected
function GetFileExtProject : string; virtual

where TIDEEngine heirs could override GetFileExtProject :)

Maybe you could find other elegant solution ;)

All the best

Ok, we have created a new property TIDEEngine.ProjectExt so you can configure it.

Thank you a lot!!!

Is yet released in this version or i have to wait to next version release

All the best

Wait until next version.

Thank you for the new feature in the latest version. It worked fine!

Could you mark the PrepareSaveDialog and PreparedSaveProjectDialog as virtual and protected so we could override it and change the Dialog properties? I would like to set the Dialog.InitialDir and dont have way to do that without create a new SaveDialog event :)

What do you think about?

All the best

Ok, no problem. Done here, next version will have them virtual.