Projections on Association-Fields

Is there any possibility, to fetch associated id-field using Projections?
I'm providing dataset-values for a Lookup-control like this:

For example:

TEntity = class;
TLanguage = class
  FLang: string;
  FValue: string;
  FEntity: Proxy<TEntity>;

TEntity = class
  FLang: TList<TLanguage>;

  // only fetch visible columns

After selection of a record, I'll load the full entity, to append it by using associations.
But this way, I do not have to fetch both full entities, which is really faster for big entities...

You can use Linq[''].

I could, but this would execute a not necessary left join...

It would be fine, if this would just use the current column...

You can ask for the underlying database field:


ok, thanks, I didn't recognize, that projections supports Sql-Method.

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