Non Editable Look Up Field

I might have mentioned this before but it would be useful to have a lookup field as part of an object, obviously non updateable. It just seems that if I cross link all my objects then getting a full list of one object would actually load the whole database. So something like

TLicense = Class
FId: Integer;
FCompanyId: Integer;
[Lookup(TCompany, 'CompanyId', 'CompanyName')]
FCompanyName: String;

Probably me still not getting my head around this, but wanting to limit the database access and data transfer.

You can always use projections to retrieve specific scalar values in a read-only format:

Thanks. I'll take a look. Is there and example in using that with Web Core and XData?

Are projections usable with TXDataWebDatasets?

Yes, they return regular JSON just as other XData results.