Views, Complex SQL, and Projections

Everything in Aurelius seems to support a single table per entity concept.

Really struggling to figure out how to map our data query needs into entities.

We are rewriting an existing application that uses Oracle/DbExpress.
We have several screens that have read only datasets on them now.

Data can look like the following examples:
Example 1:

TableA is a Parent
TableB is Child (Left outer Joined)
So TableA entries will be repeating.


Same as above but contains aggregate data.


Not TableC and TableD contains millions of rows so pulling this back into memory on the local machine is not an option.

I think that projections can do this, but then I can't map the results to a class that has been defined to accept the results.    Is there way to use the built in functionality to get a project result and automatically put it into a class of my choosing?

Can I using Entity mappings with a view instead of table?

The first example is just an association between classes, have you checked those?

Yes you can map views to classes, they will just be read-only. Or you can use projections indeed.
Note that in theory you should not model "queries" into classes. You should just build your conceptual model (classes), then queries will be a consequence of it. Or at least, a second stage of optimization.