Process finished event


Is there an event which says "required work is done"?
I have a windows service which makes map screenshots with a marker. If the service puts the marker and pans the map and takes the screenshot then the map doesn't show it. If I wait in a cycle with ProcessMessages then it shows. But I do not know how much time I should wait.
I tried the MapTilesLoad event and it works for the first time. If the second time the coordinates are almost the same then this event is not called even if the service calls the pan procedure. MapIdle event is called too early.
Is there a solution to my problem?

Sorry, there is at this moment no event triggered when the adding of markers is finished.

Not sure if the Google Maps JavaScript API provides a way to hook into this. We'll need to investigate.

Hello Bruno,

Is there any progress in the investigation?


This functionality was added to our internal feature request list.
When the next round of development starts for this product we'll consider adding the feature if it's supported in the Google Maps JavaScript API