Overlay image


Does WebGMap support placement of overlay image with transparency?


Have you tried adding a PNG with transparency as marker?

Hello Bruno

Thank you for your answer, I have not tried anything. I need to place the image inside a user defined rectangle on the map and I do not know if a marker is the correct way to do it.


Unfortunately it's currently not supported to add an overlay image to the map.
However this is  a good suggestion and we'll have to investigate if this kind of feature is supported by the Google Maps API and if this functionality can be added to TWebGMaps in a future version.


If you are open to suggestions you could take a look at DrawingManager API so that you can enable users draw rectangles, circles etc by mouse. I think lots of users would find this pretty useful :)

Thanks for your suggestion.

We will add this to our list of feature requests.

Please note that it is already possible to display and edit polygons, circles, etc. on the map.
See the WebGMapsDirectionDemo (included with the product download) for an example.