Problems printing when FitToPage is fpAlways

When PrintSettings.FitToPage is fpAlways, the value of PrintSettings.TitleSpacing is not honoured. Indeed, the gap between the title text and the printed grid increases if the grid is shrunk in order to fit onto one page.

Additional strange things happen when shrinking the grid to print on one page. If the values of PrintSettings.NoAutoSize and PrintSettings.NoAutoSizeRow are true, then the title is made even smaller (as if the scaling is applied twice), whereas the fonts in the grid are not scaled at all (hence truncating the text). 

My problem is that PrintSettings.NoAutoSize and PrintSettings.NoAutoSizeRow override the column and row widths I have set in the screen display. If I want to preserve these column widths and heights, I have to suffer with getting the title printed in minuscule font, and the grid fonts printed at full size (hence truncating the text).

What settings are required to print the grid with both the font and column row/column dimensions scaled directly from the screen display?

We have applied an improvement with respect to TitleSpacing. It will scale along with the shrinking or stretching when fit to page is used.

When NoAutoSizeRow = true, row heights are not scaled down. We fixed an issue with the title font size in this case. But as the row height is not scaled, this won't always fit to page.
To fit always on page, we recommend to set grid.PrintSettings.FitToPage = fpAlways and grid.NoAutoSize = true. The row height will scale accordingly and when you have multiline text in cells, it should scale accordingly with this text.

Thank you Bruno for the reply.

"To fit always on page, we recommend to set grid.PrintSettings.FitToPage = fpAlways and grid.NoAutoSize = true." 

Don't you mean to set NoAutoSize = false so that auto sizing is enabled? Then again, doesn't NoAutoSize affect columns sizing? Perhaps you meant NoAutoSizeRow = false?

I have tried setting both NoAutoSize and NoAutoSizeRow to false, and this seems to work. Nevertheless, the TitleSpacing value is not respected when the grid is shrunk to fit on the screen. Indeed, the spacing on the printed page actually increases when the grid is shrunk using fpAlways. Maybe this is because the spacing is computer before the title font is shrunk?

I thought you wanted that column widths remained proportionally the same on paper as in the grid display? In that case, NoAutoSize = false will cause the columns widths to size according to the text in the cells and no longer strict proportionally as they are displayed?
With respect to TitleSpacing, we applied an improvement for this in relationship with fit to page.